Croatia – the country rich in natural beauties, with a remarkable history and culture, and above all hard-working people. What distinguished it are fertile lowlands and rivers in the east and in the north, stone and the sea in the south. The company “Muraspid” along with all its offices all over Croatia has managed to unite this diversity, and it is not without a reason that this country is being known as the pearl of central Europe.

This company started doing business in 1991 under the name “Murašped” Ltd. Kotoriba. In 1995 the firm relocated its business together with 35 employees to a new company named “Muraspid” Ltd. Hodošan. By restructuring the firm and adjusting it to the new market developments, the company has widened its net of branches within the frame of the forwarding and transport activities, the number of employees has been increased which has resulted in growth of financial transactions, which enable permanent investments in order to enhance the quality of service.

Today “Muraspid” operates as a unique functional whole of 80 employees in 10 branch-offices set in all important traffic centres all over Croatia . The company transfers approx 500 000 tons of various goods in all kinds of transport, and reloads approx 200 000 tons of goods within the Rijeka and Kotoriba goods-terminals. Muraspid transacts business according to the FIATA rules.

Let's travel briefly across our breathtaking Croatia and let's meet “Muraspid” offices.

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