Branch-office Kotoriba

Kolodvorska 30, HR-40329 KOTORIBA

forwarding activities DUBRAVKO ČONKAŠ
phone 099/313-9381
phone 040/682-575

Kolodvorska 30, HR-40329 KOTORIBA

forwarding activities LIDIJA GRIVEC
phone 098/342-833
phone 040/682-115

Railway traffic organization
Kolodvorska 30,HR-40329 KOTORIBA

forwarding activities MIRJANA PONGRAC
phone 098/426-577
phone/fax 040/396-667, 040/396-075

The branch-office Kotoriba is situated in the immediate proximity of the Hungarian border- border crossing Kotoriba-Murakeresztur . Interesting to emphasize that Kotoriba was the first railway station put into service which reaches far in the 1860, only 35 years after the first locomotive had been introduced in England in 1825. Rail has been connecting Kotoriba and Nagykanizsa, Maribor , Ljubljana , Trieste , Vienna and whole Europe up to these days. Today the Croatian Railway owns 2800 km of modern railway system along with a quality rolling stock for transport of various goods.

Besides the usual forwarding activities for our esteemed clients the “Muraspid” office in Kotoriba owns 3500m2 of indoor storage space, 200m2 of storage space for perishable goods-frigo CTR and about 30 000m2 of open warehouse within the scope of the customs terminal. The company owns its own reloading equipment and reloads approx 200 000 tons of goods per year.

The office performs all the activities related with effecting customs formalities, the organization of rail and road transport, loading, unloading, reloading and storage of the goods, with all other activities according to clients' order. The modern computer technology enables continuous performance and transport monitoring and the owner of the goods has the exact information on the state and the position of the goods in every moment, naturally through the Muraspid Internet connection.

This has been a short journey through Croatia , a country which has started making arrangements for the European Union entry, a community which gathers 25 most developed countries in Europe . Most of mighty countries worldwide have their companies or cooperate with partners in Croatia . Croatia is taking energetic steps forward, and with advanced economy and natural beauties, its great advantage are also diligent people who want to and know how to work. Those people are also an integrative part of “Muraspid”.

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