Branch-office Rijeka

Križanićeva 2/5, 51000 RIJEKA
forwarding activities RENATO OBLAK
phone 098/496-410, 051/377-344
fax 051/377-354

The most important products offered by this company-with all its possibilities, are the Rijeka and Kotoriba branch-offices, including the road and railway connection between these two points and Nagykanizsa in the contiguous Hungary as a logistic centre for the western part of Hungary and other road-railway corridors in Europe.

This corridor has already been promoted and we can offer an extremely high logistic support and quick and efficient service for all our clients' needs. Next we will mention business possibilities of branch-offices in Rijeka and Kotoriba.

Rijeka is with its surrounding above all a nice tourist destination, famous for its old palaces, beautiful restaurants and hotels. Even 200 years ago Rijeka was the 8th port in size and power in Europe as a transport way to Budapest , Vienna , and Prague etc. But also many kings and princes visited Rijeka . Today Rijeka is visited by hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists. Besides tourism Rijeka is also well known by its port where ships from the whole world put ashore. Through the Adriatic Sea and further through the Mediterranean , Rijeka is connected to all ports worldwide.

From which ever side you approach Rijeka you come to the very heart of Europe . In this Mediterranean city the firm “Marsalis” started performing its activities in the beginning of 2004. Two branch-offices were established – Rijeka port CTR and Rijeka Škrljevo . Soon after founding these offices “Muraspid” becomes sub-contractor of the Rijeka Port and develops successful cooperation with all the structures within the port which enables us above all offer of quality services of our primary activities and for the benefit of our clients. Our branch in Rijeka offers a complete service of sea, road and railway carriage organization, the insurance of goods in transport and all the other activities related to effecting customs and other formalities, and in accordance with our clients' needs.

By quality railway or quick roads, over the Gorski Kotar Region which is rich in woods, rivers and lakes, through the capital city of Zagreb, which is due to its history and culture being called “the small Vienna”, , you arrive to Kotoriba.

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